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Fioricet is a brand version for a medication developed with a combination of vasoconstrictive xanthine caffeine, analgesic and acetaminophen, and butalbital. Approved for the overall treatment of puncture headaches, muscle contraction headaches and tension headaches, it is also recommended off label for mild to severe migraine headaches, though chronic use is believed to cause rebound migraines.

The medicine is meant to deal with tension headaches and is also commonly suggested for migraines, even though it is not approved in the United States for use by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The usual adult dosage is 1-2 tablets every 4 hours as required, not to exceed 6 tablets in a 24 hour period. If people want to deal with their migraine headaches or tension headaches effectively, they should discuss their problem with a physician, order fioricet online and take proper doses recommended by their doctor.

How Fioricet Works?

Butalbital applies generalized depressant effect on the brain, and in high dosages, has peripheral effects. Caffeine is intended to generate constriction of cerebral blood vessels. At the same time, caffeine serves to counterbalance the tranquilizing effects of butalbital. Acetaminophen has antipyretic and analgesic effects intermediated by a metabolite, which acts at cannabinoid receptors. Butalbital has half life of around 32-35 hours, caffeine has half life of around 2.5-5 hours and acetaminophen has half life of approximately 1.25-3 hours.

How Fioricet is Prepared?

The medicine originally contained 40mg of caffeine, 50mg of butalbital and 325mg of acetaminophen per dosage. However, in adherence to FDA guidelines recommending pharmaceutical firms to restrict dosages of acetaminophen in prescription medicines, the quantity of acetaminophen was decreased to 300mg in the year 2014. People can also get fioricet in a formulation comprising 30mg of codeine per dosage.


Butalbital wields its toxicity through extreme sedation, which in turn, leads to respiratory depression and eventually death through hypoxia. The nonlethal overdoses might also cause coma and even death. Moreover, there is no particular antidote to overdose of barbiturate; treatment is supportive, usually including naloxone, intravenous saline, glucose, thiamine, sodium bicarbonate to raise rate of excretion and alkalize urine, and activated charcoal through nasogastric tube.

Acetaminophen exercises its toxicity through production of a harmful metabolite, which can cause damage to liver at dosages as low as 4 grams. The higher doses can cause gastrointestinal bleeding, acute kidney injury, acute liver failure and even death. To ward off these harmful effects and to make the most of the drug, speak with your doctor, and buy fioricet in usa.


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