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Levitra, which is also called Vardenafil, is closely associated with similar erectile dysfunction medications, including Spedra, Cialis and Viagra. However, Levitra has a slight molecular deviation to cialis and viagra, thus giving it a lengthy effect. The medicine is actually a PDE5 inhibitor, which is responsible for regulation of blood flow in genitalia, especially during erections. By curbing PDE5 enzyme, the flow of blood to private part is actually increased during sexual arousal. Bear in mind that the drug will only work better when a man is sexually stimulated. Taking the drug in absence of sexual stimulation will not prove to be beneficial.    

The medication is also taken to help sexual performance in men and to improve healthy sexual relationships among the couples and partners. Sometimes, the drug is consumed to treat premature ejaculation, considerably increasing the time of sexual activities before ejaculation. To know more how this medicine would be beneficial for you, speak with a medical expert, and order levitra online.         

Why do Men Suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

There are different factors which can cause ED in men. This condition is not always an indication of impaired circulation; nonetheless the problem should be reported to a physician. Some of the factors that can cause erectile problems are excessive drinking, drug use and smoking. In other instances, the cause could be psychological. At the same time, emotional problems like performance anxiety and stress can adversely impact erectile function. On some uncommon occasions, ED can occur after injuries or surgeries. If this is the matter, levitra may not be productive and an implant or operation may be required.

Why take Levitra?

Usually, the drug remains effective for 3-4 hours; nevertheless this does not entail that erections would be continuous during this time, instead erections would improve with arousal during this timeframe. The medication is available in 3 different potencies: 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg. The starting dosage is 10 mg that is taken 1-2 hours before erection is needed. The 10 mg dose of the drug is equivalent to 50 mg dose of Viagra. The medicine should not be consumed more than once per day. The 10 mg orodispersible pills are dissolvable form of levitra that has quicker onset of action when compared to tablet which is swallowed.

The medication has worked before with good results, therefore it will work better every time. To obtain your desired medial results, buy levitra online in usa after speaking about your problem with an experienced physician.

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